Adult Acne Sucks!


First and foremost do not, I repeat, DO NOT pick at your zits. Just leave them alone! This way, they won’t scar as much.  Also, read up on Salicylic acid: it reduces swelling, redness and unplugs pores. To keep skin from getting dry, look for formulas geared towards adults. This has been my biggest discovery!

First, Clinique Acne Solutions clearing gel – I used this gel on a daily basis. It’s one acne solution that doesn’t irritate my skin, but helps clear minimal blemishes. You will see a difference by the next day.


Second, Origins Super Spot Remover – The minute I put this on my skin, I start tearing up from the smell. This stuff works for the bad boys, but it does dry out my sensitive skin. Nevertheless, it gets the job done!


Third, SkinCeuticals Blemish and Age Defense – It works! It truly reduces the formation of acne and helps reduce dark spots. Using this everyday does, however, cause dryness.


My skin isn’t oily, it is actually on the dry side — hence the dryness from these products. However, like many other women in their 30’s, I have certain problem areas that just flare up! After years of trying different products, these are my favourites for fighting the ugly bumps!

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