Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson!


Yes, I met my inspiration again over the weekend! Woo hoo! I always look forward to seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and of course I pushed him for a workout together. Canada, it will happen one day! So what is so special about this Hollywood star?

Okay, let’s take it back more than a year ago. I was reading one of Johnson’s tweets and it pushed me to get to the gym, despite not being in the mood. After a sweaty workout, I had to tweet Dwayne to thank him. And he tweeted back! 

We tweeted back-and-forth for almost a year. Of course I was initiating the convo, but he was happy to take part! It really pushed me to increase my weights at Crossfit and go for it! So now the question was: Will I ever meet “The Rock”?

I mean, before this tweet-affair, I had one satellite interview and he couldn’t see me… but I could see him! Yup, I did ask him to show off his biceps and he humbly agreed. 🙂

Going forward, I knew he was attending the Golden Globes. The crew and I had to figure out how to get him to stop for me on the carpet. “That’s it, a push-up challenge,” we thought! So we created a video of me doing push-ups in a tight, long dress and heels. It wasn’t easy and so we challenged “The Rock” on Twitter.

Fast forward to the red carpet and he was one of the last one to show up. He was rushing through to make it in time for the show. People were yelling his name and I decided to yell out “push-ups, push-ups!” I stopped him in his tracks, whaat! He walked over to me and said with that big smile “you’re not ready” – cue the giddy girl! And that was how I finally met “The Rock”… such a great five-seconds!

Since he now makes thousands of movies… I finally had the chance to sit down with him for a four-minute chat for his movie Central Intelligence. He was paired with the hilarious Kevin Hart. Actually, Hart and I met a few months prior at the NBA All-Star game in Toronto. He sang the Canadian national anthem in his own words and the video went viral!

Okay, let’s get back on track with Dwayne. I was very excited! I was told to have just one question ready since those two can talk a lot! They called my name, I walked in the room and it was hugs all around! So much fun! They were the sweetest and that was that!

He continues to inspire my fitness journey. I am inspired not only by his fitness, but also his work ethic and humility. By far, he is the sweetest and most caring man in the business. I can see why many want him run for president: a man with a heart… Who tweets all his fans!

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