Hello, It’s me, Sangita!


HELLO! Welcome to my website THISISSANGITPATEL.COM! Eek, I am so stoked about this new adventure! An opportunity for us to communicate, chat about everything and anything and a one stop shop for things important in my life from my career in television, health, fitness, fashion, family and travel. So glad you can join me!

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  • Blair Carrigan

    Written on August 4, 2016


    Great looking website.! Enjoy following your career trajectory!. (Going to need an oxygen mask soon) 😉 Continued success..

  • John

    Written on August 17, 2016


    Sangita, I love the photo used for this website. It shows that you are a down to earth natural pretty woman that does a vigorous workout to stay fit. I wish you all the happiness & success in your future both career & family. Your avid follower @johnny.trouble

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