Holidays are over! No more Junk Food!


Okay, time for a confession while I was in Hawaii my healthy regime went out the window and I ate EVERYTHING! I had ice-cream twice a day everyday. Indulged in local foods and recommended pancakes from Dwayne the Rock Johnson!

Coming back home for the holidays meant even more delicious food. I kept saying okay tomorrow I will start, well that didn’t happen! 

Then my birthday January 2nd, I had my favourite birthday cake! 

OMG everything I’ve worked for to get myself to this healthy state went downhill! Sure I gained weight and wasn’t at my best but my biggest concern was how I do I mentally get back to understanding that junk food is BAD! How do I go back to eating healthy. Hey, I know what to do but now I am back to craving sugar, pasta, nachos…cake!

Well, it’s Jan 7th and I am still struggling but I’m starting to find my way back. And part of it is taking the Activia Challenge

Let’s do this together…lets make 2017 a healthy year. 

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