Make a promise to yourself


Though I’m feeling the winter blues, I keep telling myself “Chin up!”. It’s January, and I am really feeling the lack of Vitamin D as we are getting closer to February.

February! Already? I haven’t even attempted my resolutions for 2017, let alone gotten any closer to conquering anything I had in mind for this year.
I keep reminding myself to breathe. Ok, my year hasn’t started off the way I’d have liked it to, and yes, it has been disappointment after disappointment, but that’s ok. It means it was meant for me to work a little harder, and I am definitely not afraid of hard work.
You try to create your own path, and sometimes there can be obstacles out there that won’t disappear, so what do you do?
Always do your best with the opportunities you get, and create those opportunities yourself if necessary. Take a risk, make a move, and be honest to yourself. Do it with dignity, and be kind.
Today, I want you to make a promise to yourself, the most important one of all, and that is to believe in yourself. Take the time for yourself, make yourself a priority – mothers, I’m talking to you! And remember, if you’re not happy, no one else around you will be.


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