My first Canadian Screen Awards! 


I’m one of those people who gets excited about every opportunity that comes my way. When I was asked to present at the Canadian Screen Awards, I could not believe it! Were they sure they wanted me? Was this a mistake? I just really couldn’t believe it, little ol’ me, Sangita Patel. 

Oh, but what a night it was. It started with Sam and Brian popping by my house to get me ready. They made sure my hair and makeup was perfect. They are so talented.

Then I put on THE dress: another exquisite piece by Muhammad Alamgir from L’MOMO who designed my dress for the Emmys. There is something very special about him and his designs. I knew I wanted to work with him again, especially for such a big moment in my career, where I got to walk out on the stage that celebrates Canadians’ achievements. 
I gave Muhammad a call and asked if he would design my dress, and he right away said yes. What a relief, considering how busy he is. What makes him such a great designer is that he listened to what my dream and vision was for the dress – flowy, bright, and of course, with a touch of L’MOMO. And that’s exactly what he did. This dress was my Wonder Woman moment.

I never had the opportunity to walk the red carpet like this before. I’m usually the one working the carpet, and I never got the chance to walk it until the CSAs. Luckily, I felt the confidence to strut my stuff with the help of my friends and team making this night so special for me.

I arrived early with my best friend a.k.a. hubby by my side. I was one of the first to arrive, but to my astonishment, I had fans waiting for me – whaaaaat they knew my name and who I was!

Chatted with the team at ET Canada upon arrival, and then it was time to walk the carpet. Posing is always interesting. I let the dress do the talking, and I smiled! Did a few interviews, and had a fun time.

Sam (hubby) and I enjoyed the food in the green room, and then before we knew it, it was show time.
Backstage was so much FUN! From chilling with Jason Preistly, Kardinall Official, and so many great Canadians, I didn’t want to leave!

And then it was my big moment: walking on stage, from one end to the other, letting my gorgeous dress flow. It was my time to shine. I read the prompter and presented with Andrea with love. Short and sweet. I loved every moment. 

Phew…I didn’t fall! 
I made my way to my seat in the second row, right behind actress Arisa Cox, love her! 
The best part? I got to spend this night with my sweetheart 
This night wasn’t just about the CSA, but about working hard. I’ve gone on this journey creating my own path, and there have been few people who actually genuinely wanted to help me succeed along the way (but the ones who did know who they are!). For the most part, it’s been me wanting more and doing what it takes to get more. More living in the moment and not being afraid to be different.

What a night!

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