Not a NYFW virgin anymore!


I love New York City. There’s an energy to the city that you just can’t explain. The food, people, cityscape and the style. If you (secretly) like to people-watch, NYC is the place to do so.

With such a large population and so many people to see, it’s a no-brainer that this is the best place in the world to set the fashion trends every season, and that’s what I learned while being here.
Before getting to the Vogue-worthy fashionistas, I got to grab a bite of Oreo cookies with the one and only Shaquille O’Neal. Fun fashion fact about Shaq: his shoe size is a 22!

Quick outfit change, and luckily (for my neck) point of view change, I hung out with Reba McEntire from the beloved Reba sitcom.

fter a couple meetings I started to feel the hunger creep up on me, and we all know that in times of despair we turn to junk food, so I made my way to Grand Central Station to Shake Shack and had my favourite burger. Together with the fries on the side and a shake, I totalled 1500 calories for my meal… which I had three times while in New York… YIKES! But so so good!

Although it was the hottest day in the city, rumour had it a snow storm was coming… and boy, was rumour right.

Well, it was coming down really hard, and to make matters even better my taxi dropped me off at the wrong location. As you can tell by my selfie, I felt the wrath of the storm!

And the insanity of the day didn’t end there! I was covering the Netflix junket, and had – wait for it – 13 interviews. Exhausting, but hey, at least I got to meet Bill Nye.

On the way back to the hotel, I had Shake Shack… again.

Though I had already been there for a few days, Friday was finally my first day of attending shows for New York Fashion Week. It was amazing! I got to attend the show of Jeremy Scott (current creative director of Moschino) for his namesake label, and chat with him afterwards. The room was filled with celebs, including this lil’ one sitting across from me: Kylie Jenner! Too bad she was too busy taking a selfie to say “Hi”.

Okay, I gotta admit, the fashion show blew me away. The models looked incredible, with their tall and slender physiques. I just wish they would smile (you all know how much I love to smile.) Gigi Hadid and other top models hit the runway for Jeremy Scott as well..

Backstage was sweaty and so chaotic. Everyone wanted a chance to say congrats to the designer. Needless to say, I got my fair share of NYFW for one night, and am proud to say I am no longer a NYFW Virgin!

The question is, how does a model prep for the big day? What happens leading up to the show? We got to chill with Canada’s very own Daniella Knhudson. Thoughts going through my head in this photo? Sangita, suck it in, suck it in!!

What has this part got to do with anything? Do your readers know who Jesse is? Back on the road to where?

The lack of working out (Fitness Tuesday, I miss you), eating terribly, and not sleeping well completely threw me off my regular regime, and the difference in feeling was super noticeable. I really started to miss my regular day-to-day routine.
Since healthy eating clearly wasn’t going to be part of my New York experience, I really splurged during most of my meals. Here’s some #foodporn:

On the bright side, I had some friends from Toronto join me. We ate a lot, partied a lot, and basically didn’t sleep, but we had fun!

Despite the late nights, I still had to wake up early. Another day, another interview. The one, the only: ED SHEERAN! This one is for the books. This guy is so real, raw, and down-to-earth.

At this point I’ve already started losing track of my days, but I guess that’s what NYFW is all about. I got around to attending the Maybelline party, and had such a blast. Adriana Lima and I ended up becoming friends, and bonding over our talk about life and kids… go figure!

As my trip came to a close, I made one more trip to Shake Shack… a midnight trip no less. The week was filled with so many great experiences packed into a hectic schedule. I will definitely never forget this first NYFW of mine.

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