This past weekend I was lucky enough to escape the cold and snow for a few days, and make it out to Los Angeles for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Okay, I was a little nervous as this was my first time covering the SAG Awards. I landed in LA LA Land on Thursday, and it was so chilly that I actually wished I brought my coat! Luckily it warmed up towards the weekend, so I guess I shouldn’t complain since it’s so much colder back home. 

Early Friday morning, we hit the Shrine which is located near the University of South California which would explain all the fast food chains near my hotel. After waiting in the cold for 30 minutes, the ambassadors came together to roll out the red carpet – it’s the tradition!

After walking through the Shrine, we got a good idea of where the stars would be seated – oh, the pressure! After shooting our links and liners (and a quick change into pants) we hit the road to interview the always funny Canadian Tom Cavanagh… Yes, Ed. Yes, The Flash. Had a blast with him!

Quick break: ate more pizza. You read that right, more, which means that wasn’t even the beginning. Yup, my diet and exercise went down the drain in LA. Lots of bad food, and didn’t have much time to hit the gym. I can’t wait to get back home to my routine, although I did enjoy bingeing!
Okay, back to my trip itinerary. Once the evening came around, we hit the red carpet for the #NHL100 and got to chat with host John Hamm. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by Alyssa Milano, and even the one and only Michael J Fox! I was hoping to meet Gretzky, but not a single hockey player walked the red carpet. The evening came to an end, and so back to the hotel I went to prep for Saturday… more pizza!
Saturday morning had an early start. Headed to West Hollywood to interview the cast of John Wick 2 – Canadian theme going on here. I interviewed Keanu Reeves, and even Mr. John Wick himself. I also spoke to Morpheus Laurence Fishbourne who scared the poop out of me… you’ll have to see the interview!
The highlight of the day: I tried my first In-N-Out burger! It was really good, but Shake Shack is still my favourite; nothing beats their bun! 
Saturday night, it was all about the prep. Watched one last film before the SAGs – Hacksaw Ridge. Totally get why Andrew Garfield was nominated for his role. He lost so much weight. Brilliantly done.
Sunday morning, a latte from Starbucks, quick workout (see, I found time!) and time to get all glammed up. Hair and makeup was done courtesy of the sweet Vicky Lee Chan, who is truly amazing! I had to get dressed quickly since the carpet is on lockdown at 1:15pm which means once you’re in your spot, you can’t move.

It was so hot and sweaty, which was so surprising after the cold weather from the last few days. The ET Canada team had a good spot on the carpet. We started off with the whole cast of Orange Is The New Black, a total of 38 cast members! As it got closer to show time, the stars came fast! What a carpet it was, from Octavia Spencer, Casey Affleck, Dev Patel, Natalie Portman, Jeff Bridges, Lily Tomlin, Mahershala Ali, Naomi Watts, Claire Foy, Bryan Cranston and many more. On the carpet, you are just beautiful people. Gorgeous gowns, perfect hair-dos, men in wicked suits. It’s definitely quite the scene.

Sure, the conversation started getting a little political, but we have to embrace those moments as well. And we did! 
Very quickly, we got to move backstage. Biggest concern: will the stars come backstage and chat after the win? Most of them did, and they were beaming!

And that’s a wrap for now. A 3:00am wake-up call to hit radio and TV: get dressed, full hair and makeup, and be energetic! I got this. Done by 6:30, back to the hotel by 7:00am. Took a nap, packed, ate my last bad meal, and I was more than ready to get on my flight to get home to my monkeys…

Yup, it was a bit busy!

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