‘Style’ is her middle name – Alicia McNamara


Okay, let’s face it my wardrobe game has been on fire! Why? Because of the beautiful Alicia McNamara, our stylist at ET Canada. She has an eye for fashion and one day I know I will be sitting front row at her own fashion show. So for my first feature on incredible people I would like to introduce you to Alicia.

Lets take TIFF – The Toronto International Film Festival, as an example. It’s an annual event that leaves its aura in the air long after it has ended. 

The Festival was go-go-go for me (as always), included a quick trip to NYC to chat with Jennifer Lawrence, and brought in interviews with many of the hollywood stars including Priyanka Chopra, Idris Elba, and George Clooney, who even showed me a picture of the twins – ahhh!It would not be possible to be red-carpet ready for TIFF and all the other events without the team of hair, makeup, and wardrobe experts who help me look my best and feel my best on a daily basis. At ET Canada, we have Alicia McNamara as our wardrobe stylist, an individual the fashion industry almost didn’t get its hands on… Alicia studied political science in university, and went on to do her Bachelor of Education and Masters in teaching – I know, how did she end up in fashion?!
As a self-taught seamstress and pattern-maker, as well as assistant costume designer in film and TV, Alicia’s history in fashion prevailed, and she scrapped her future as a teacher and became a celebrity stylist instead.

What I love most about Alicia’s wardrobe choices for myself and the ET Canada team is her support to the Canadian fashion and retail industry. From Canadian retailers like Mendocino carrying the trendiest pieces, to this beautiful country’s high-end designers like Stephan Caras and L’Momo, I get to wear a new look everyday, regardless of if I’m hosting on TV or interviewing on the red carpet. 

With Alicia’s attention to detail, she makes sure nothing is forgotten: she nips and tucks, alters, and creates lining when necessary to make sure the outfit is perfect and ready to go for the big screen. Before I even get to see the clothes, Alicia works tirelessly and endlessly contacting brands and stores all over the world, from Las Vegas to Australia, and negotiates in order to get the pieces to Toronto on time to create the perfect image for any given event.

Together, Alicia and I push the limits of what is trendy, age appropriate, and allowable for ET Canada and our audience. We like taking chances on the red carpet and at special events, and stepping out of our comfort zones. Check out my looks at TIFF 2017 below:

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