That Time You Make the Cover of your Favourite Health Magazine! 


There are moments in your life that you will cherish. For me, one such moment was recently being featured on the cover of Best Health magazine!

After having my second child, Shyla, I knew I had to get back on track — to get health, both mentally and physically. I was not very happy, I even went through a bit of a depression. I found the strength, however, to let go of the guilt and actually invest time in myself.

This was a turning point. True happiness was reachable and as I got healthier and stronger I wanted to inspire other women to do the same. That is why hence I started the hashtag #FitnessTuesday, two-and-a-half years ago.

I went for a photo-shoot one morning this summer with Best Health magazine. It was my time meeting the team, including: the stylist, the photographer and makeup artist. The minute I entered they we all so warm!

Knowing this was the holiday issue, we had some fun with the wardrobe and tried on a bunch of looks! The picture that ended up on the cover was as candid as it gets! Lots of laughing and smiling. 🙂

This is a milestone for me, I’m not on a cover because of my ethnicity, but just for being me. This is big! Every cover I’ve done has been related to my background…

The article inside was the best part, focusing on living my healthiest life…  and of course some #FitnessTuesday tips!

This is just the beginning! Thank you for all the support! Let’s do this together!

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